Song Offerings

“Thou hast made me known to friends whom I knew not.” –  Tagore
কত অজানারে জানাইলে তুমি….




They even don’t know,
Who you are.
Because they are looking through,
Tinted glass too far.
I prefer myself,
Only the man.
Who really know that,
You are insane.


I don’t like the
Sky having tears
Suffocating weird air
Which contains fears
Along the muddy road
Seeing couples a few
Feeling a mystical mood
As walking through dew.


walking in a shadow-less zone
Here ringing my fabulous phone
Acting like a burning paper
Which is not a terrible matter
Thinking about a few jolly day
I still remember 30th may
And i’m waiting for her call
Though my tears ain’t fall.