Last Day

Can I have a cigarette Doctor? Albert asked his doctor when everybody in operation theater are preparing for his operation . Maybe today is his last day on planet earth !

last days


Love, Lust, Lost

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She was laughing.

Karan felt a thousand tiny silver bells tingling in glee as her lissom body was swaying gracefully along with her laugh. Mesmerized, he wanted this moment to be eternal.

“So, you’re going to Delhi for an interview and, according to this call-letter, the name of the company is Shreya Infotech”. She said as she finally managed to put a  reign on  her smile but, Karan could still notice the amused twinkle in her big eyes. He nodded meekly to show his response as ‘yes’.

“What if I arrange your interview right here?”

The  deep abyss of her cleavage, offsetted by the wonderful swelling of her bosom, was enough for Karan to consider her as an enchantress. He wondered what more magic she had under her sleeves.

“Anything for you”.

“Really? Watch your words, for words once spoken can’t be taken back”. The glint of amusement was still there…

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